A member shall cease to be member of the Association in the following cases:
a. If the voluntarily tenders his resignation in writing and the resignation is accepted by the
State President.
b. If he is adjudged an insolvent.
c. If he is declared to be of unsound mind.
d. If he dies.
e. If he remains absent in 3 continuous meeting of the General Body without sufficient cause.
f. If he fails to pay dues of the Association within three months of time due.
g. If he ceases to practice in any manner / field of Law’s.
h. If he acts against the interest of the Association.
i. If he is punished by a Court of Law for offence involving moral turpitude and is sentenced to imprisonment for
not less than six months.
j. If State President found that he is not eligible for membership of Association.
k. State President reserved all rights to terminate membership of any member without any reason.