“Law of Labour ” Advisors Association-U.P.


Main Objectives of “Law of Labour ” Advisors Association-U.P. is to safeguard interest of its members. By promoting harmony and spirit of common brother-hood amongst the members of the Association. By facilitating the members in the discharge of their professional duties. To safeguarding rights and privilege of the members and the authorities concerned. By encouraging discussions on various laws – specifically on Labour Laws by the members. By establishing and maintaining Library, Bar Room, Sports-Grounds etc. For the common good of all the members. By engaging into activities such as publication of magazine, Periodicals, Souvenir’s, Meetings which shall be used for the Members and Industrialists. By engaging in all other activities / social activities / cultural activities as may be necessary for attainment of aforesaid Objectives. To maintain dignity and Rule of Law by respecting the Law and collectively resisting the unlawful acts of the executives and to attain justice tempered with money. To work for providing cheap, legal aid to the needy and weaker section of Society.

Association will be organizing various cultural activities, functions, seminars, academic session, and family get together, to maintain harmonious relationship between the members.

Association will also be working towards problems of Industries, Corporates, Business houses, Entrepreneurs, and to maintain harmonious relations with various Government Bodies. Association will solve their problems of Industrial Laws including provide legal aids to them.

Working Area–Whole U.P.