The Membership of the Association shall be open to all the Advocates & Labour Law Advisors / Consultants, having their Chambers at Delhi and NCR / U.P. or practising in Labour Law Court / Authority at U.P. /, until otherwise determined under rules of the Association. Membership is also open for C.A.’s, Advocates, and Consultants, who are directly or indirectly practicing in Labour Laws.

Membership of association is open for all those person of Indian origin, who are practicing / servicing in any field of law in any manner / branch of any type (especially in Industrial laws). It is not necessary that they should be law graduate, but he know Indian / foreign laws very well and practicing / servicing in the field of Law in any manner / branch, (especially in Industrial laws) until otherwise determined under rules of the Association. Advocates, Chartered Accountants are also welcome for membership.

The application for membership shall be proposed by one member of the Association and shall be seconded by another member of the Association. No application shall be entertained unless it is accompanied by requisite copies of Certificates and is accompanied with the admission fee of Rs.1000/- and minimum of ½ of the annual subscription of the Association or such larger amount as may be determined by the General Body from time to time.

Provided that in case of Ex. Member of the Association, who again seek membership of the Association, proof of payment of old dues of Association shall also be furnished with the application.

The annual subscription of the Association shall be Rs.2400/- one time or larger amount determined by the General Body. The annual subscription shall be payable on 30th April of each year.

Categories of membership are as follows: –


    Those who pay Rs.51000/- or more cash or cheque or immovable property will be Life Members of association, but without permission of State President / Gen. Secretary Life Members cannot be form.


    -Any person honoured by Government in any field, Title Holder, Learned/Scholar, Professor, Lecturers, Doctors, Senior Advocates / Chartered Accountants, Gram-Pradhan, Corporater, Industrialists, Member of Parliament, M.L.A., President / General Secretary of any association, Journalists of print and electronic media, Senior officer of Government / Private Sector / Corporates and recognized / renowned person of society will be Honorary Members of association.


    -Those who pay Rs.21000/- (Rs Twenty-One Thousand Only) cash or cheque annually will be General Members of association.


    -Those who pay Rs.5100/- (Rs Five Thousand-One Hundred Only) cash or cheque annually will be Executive Members of association.


    -Those who pay Rs.2400/- (Rs Two Thousand Four Hundred Only) cash or cheque annually will be Development Members of association.

    Persons already registered as members of the association but does not fulfil qualifications prescribed above, shall be required to fulfil the qualification within the period of Six months from the date of which these rules come into force failing which membership of such members shall be terminated by the Management Committee.